I firmly believe performance is the manifestation of a person’s story, beliefs, life experiences, hopes and objectives.

People have infinite potential and are able to overcome great adversities, bear pressure, face risks, tolerate defeat and pick themselves up again stronger and sturdier than ever.

Believing in this, my approach aims at obtaining quick results and healing obsolete and past conditionings which interfere with the development of one’s own potential, at strengthening the inner immense resources and at creating mental clarity and focus in the present in order to fully invest in the future.


In order to obtain results, I listen and understand, the person’s needs exploring cognitive mechanisms, behaviours and conditionings. I develop a customized and specific programme for every single individual as well as for teams employing and teaching advanced techniques learnt in the United States and in United Kingdom. These techniques make it possible for you to go beyond the external (Neocortical) part of the brain and to access the deeper (Subcortical) internal part.

Not only do I use approaches which involve higher cognitive processes such as mental training, coaching, Neurolinguistic Programming, Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioural, but I access the subcortical part that includes brain’s areas which are fundamental for perfomance’ optimisation.

These are the deepest parts of the brain that play a crucial function in memory creation and when there are negative memories, these can condition a person in such a way that these are shackled in one’s own present. These brain’s areas, that I access, are the ones that manage vital functions such as fear, emotions and survivor instincts. These vital functions are aspects that performers can easily manage through mental preparation and performance expansion techniques.