Trainings and Boot Camp

Dr Alessia Bruno conducts training for organizations, sport teams, dance companies, and healthcare teams privately as well as at national artistic and sport events. The aim is both educational, as well as formative in addition to having the purpose of raising awareness of current topics related to that specific field. All training is tailored to the needs of the organizations and individuals.
Most performance is influenced by the person’s attitude. Mental training supports team and organizations, as well as individuals, in the development of new skills aimed at improving attitudes, perceptions and therefore being in control of his or her owns objectives.
When Dr Alessia Bruno carries out trainings, she teaches techniques aimed at empowering positive thinking, improving core beliefs, expectations and emotions, in order to create mental clarity and improve cognitive skills, which can be applied in the team, within the organisation as well as used individually.
Being mentally as well as physically fit is a fundamental aspect, which can be achieved by developing skills, resources and resilience.