Relaxation and Centering Techniques (Mindfulness and Breathing)

Mindfulness consists of “being in the moment” and noticing the thoughts, the perceptions and the emotions without judging them, but letting them come to a conscious state. Mindfulness has its origins in the Buddhist meditation and numerous studies have reported that the use of these techniques enhances performance and helps one to be more centred on the present.
Amongst the numerous Mindfulness techniques that are used, there is “Mindful Breathing”. This is not only a deep diaphragmatic breathing, but also a targeted strategy to get connected with one’s self and be centred on the moment.
Putting the brain into a deep relaxed state benefits the immune system, improves the quality of sleep, regenerates cells, decreases tiredness, reduces the risk of injuries, creates a better muscles fluidity and heart beats, increases oxygenation and cognitive functions such as attention, concentration and motivation.